Now Available!

2nd February, 2017

Satellite Repairman has been released to Windows, Mac and Linux. Get it now via your favourite store!


About the Game

As a Qualified Satellite Repairman, you must manage a complex system of satellites to ensure that your planet is able to maintain its defenses from incoming missile threats. Repair, upgrade, research and launch new satellites and plug-able modules. Maintain the vital GPS and Cell signals to keep communications alive throughout the planet, ensuring a quick and efficient defense to counter enemy attacks.

Featuring planets with "realistic" cell, GPS and radar signals and coverage!

Three Gameplay Modes

  • Mission Scenarios

    Complete several goal-oriented mission scenarios to learn and unlock features

  • Endless Survival

    Test your strategy and repairman skills by attempting to survive endless attack waves

  • Sandbox

    A creative mode where you can set up your own challenges, difficulty and game parameters

Research new technology

Use the Research Center to upgrade and research new technology, improving your skills, unlocking new satellites modules and defense systems.

Plan and deploy

Order and deploy new satellites and buildings to lay out a perfect defensive strategy for your planet.

Coming, February 2017

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